While a bit of skeptic at first, Patty's explanations and results have turned me into a convert. Her treatments have rekindled a growth in nerve endings I had thought long dead and gone and helped to dispel a monster of a knot in my shoulder blade. If you haven't been in here yet, you should be here soon!!
- JB
I injured my ring finger while working as a ski instructor at Mt. Snow Ski School.  By the end of the day it was quite sore and swollen, unable to bend at the top joint. In conversation with Patricia in the evening, she offered to help with acupuncture. Never having had treatment before, I was a little skeptical, but willing. Within 40 minutes of insertion (painless) of 2 needles, swelling had really gone and flexibility had returned 90%.  I am impressed with both the treatment and Pat's calm and kindly manner in administering it.  It was calming.  Her hands where gentle and cool, they communicated care and love.
- LM
Since being treated by Patricia Dorris, I’ve noticed many changes in every day life for me. In every aspect from indigestion, to stress. She treats me every other week, and I can say that I look forward to each & every session.  Pat has a very comforting manner when conducting her treatments. I would highly recommend Pat as an acupuncture practitioner to anyone.  I’m relatively new to the acupuncture world, however I’ve been very interested in exploring how treatments can work for routine health maintenance.
- BN West Dover, VT